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lingWAVES 4

Welcome to the new lingWAVES 4 system for endoscopy, FEES/swallowing assessment and high speed video endoscopy. lingWAVES 4 was developed to provide our customers a high-level modern, flexible, mobile and easy-to-use system for clinical assessment of the larynx and other endoscopic tasks based on latest standards for application development, data security, fast database management and flow user interfaces.

lingWAVES 4 is a modular system and offers specialized suites for different clinical applications. It is a complementary system with software application and tested hardware components like HD+ or chip-on-tip cameras. Available suites are at the moment (to be continued):

Data and User Interface - Main Feature

Powerful application with a modern user interface, usable as stand-alone or in a client-server network.

lingWAVES 4 was developed based on our over 20 years experiences, latest/highest standards and together with our clinical test users.

User Interface 

The new user interface offers a multi language workflow design in black or white display mode and a special right-to-left flow mode for languages like Arabic or Hebrew. User interface text sizing helps for better reading.

 Fast Access and Encrypted Stand-Alone / Client-Server Database

The application is based on a high speed database for client management with a TCP/IP data secure communication and data storage. A stand-alone use on a single computer or a client-server use in a network are key features.

With our new client database you will have a fast access to lookup or add clients. A classifications system enables you to at clients to defined pathology groups based on your specifications. In this way you can lookup the database based on clients data and/or pathology groups.

 Reporting and Activity Protocol

For high level clinical requirements lingWAVES 4 offers, beside of data encryption, also a user management and a 365-days activity protocol about user interactions within the application. You can setup different users with login and password

lingWAVES 4 provides also a new HTML5 based report engine. Each assessment tool within lingWAVES 4 will use this engine for high quality report creation printable on each printer or digital as PDF.

Data Interfaces 

There are different data interfaces available like GDT, HL7 and DICOM.

Camera/Application OEM-Partner

Our LWCAM camera products and lingWAVES 4 application are also available for OEM-partners.
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Hardware Interfaces

All lingWAVES 4 hardware components e.g. cameras or microphones are connected via modern USB interfaces and plug-and-play auto enabled within the lingWAVES 4 application.

See Data and User Interface - Gallery: