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lingWAVES 4 HSV -
(High Speed Videoendoscopy)

True HSV Imaging overcomes Videostroboscopy

High-speed videoendoscopy (HSV) captures the true intra-cycle vibratory behavior of the vocal folds, which allows for overcoming the limitations of videostroboscopy for more accurate objective quantification methods.The intracycle vibration seen when viewing videostroboscopy displays an illusory  "slow motion", produced by sequencing different phases of the glottal cycle, it's not real and will completely fail for voices with middle and high degree of dysphonia because of the dependency on a "good" pitch tracking through microphone.

High speed videoendoscopy overcomes the limitations of stroboscopy and offers a true and real view at the vocal folds.

lingWAVES 4 HSV, a commercial available and tested clinical system for high speed videoendoscopy, has gained widespread clinical adoption and offers a wide range of valid, practical and clinical relevant information for laryngeal assessment based on modern high speed capture technolgy.

Smart Hardware

They were weight monsters in the past - high speed cameras. The new lingWAVES 4 HSV camera is a bird in the hand - with a weight of only 270g (0.59 lbs) it is the most smart camera available on the market, easy to hold in a hand. lingWAVES 4 HSV comes completely with a powerful workstation notebook and a modern LED light source for perfect illumination combined with an optimized rigid endoscope.

The maximum frame rate is 4.000 fps at a maximum camera resolution of 1.440 x 1.024 px - COLOR! With the optimized use of the included high performance endoscope the frame rate can increase up to 5.000 fps. Higher frame rates are possible by reducing the resolution (up to 124.000 fps).

lingWAVES 4 HSV - Sample/Product Video

Sample video: 4.000 fps, 800x800 px, color 36 bit, segmentation based on neuronal network.

lingWAVES 4 new Interface

lingWAVES 4 is a completely new application that meets recent standards and requirements for clinical work:

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