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lingWAVES has become one of the most used system for professional voice and speech analysis, biofeedback and documentation in the last 20 years worldwide. A combination of standard and new technology analysis and processing together with an easy handling are the key features of this unique system.

Leading Assessment for Voice Acoustic, Nasality and Electroglottography

The system consists of different modules managed by the lingWAVES basis user interface. A client manager allows a patient/client based analysis and documentation with the benefit of comparing and tracking results over time.

lingWAVES - An international acknowledged and leading system for acoustic voice assessment. A complete system with tested and standardized hardware.

The modular character of lingWAVES allows to offer different module combinations (suites) so that a wide range of professional users can use the system, starting from speech and language therapy, over Otolaryngology /ENT up to services for professional singers and speakers. There are different acoustic suites available - each suite can be upgraded with a nasality and/or electroglottography module - using the same client management.

A Complete System with Maintenance and Service  

We offer lingWAVES as a complete system with software and tested and standardized hardware. As a customer you don't have to take care about the right recording or interface hardware. On request we also deliver a pre-configured and ready-to-run computer/notebook.     

Conform with International Standards

lingWAVES is 100% conform with new 2018 ASHA recommendation Protocol for Instrumental Assessment of Vocal Function.

lingWAVES is in accordance with the NCVS "Recommendations for the Creation of Recording Laboratory" (The National Center for Voice and Speech Online Technical Memo, No. 7, 2006, version 1.3, J. Spielmann, A. C. Starr, E. Hunter).

A continuous and highly productive development and maintenance is not common for speech and voice assessment tools. Exception lingWAVES: Updates are available regularly.

lingWAVES Sets and Suites

There are some special collections of modules that focus on different needs of our customers. Suites and upgrades can be combined using one user interface and client management. Available suites:

  • lingWAVES Voice Clinic Suite Pro
  • lingWAVES SLP Suite Pro VPR
  • lingWAVES Voice Protocol (VPR)
  • lingWAVES TheraVox

Compare suites and modules ...

Upgrades for suites, also usable stand alone:

  • lingWAVES Nasality
  • lingWAVES Electroglottography

lingWAVES Modules Overview

Overview about available lingWAVES modules. Click for more information.