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Visual Feedback for Voice and Speech

TheraVox is an exceptional computer-based real-time visualization tool for voice and speech characteristics like voicing/voice onset, loudness (intensity), articulation/coarticulation and prosody, designed with affection and care. It provides a visual biofeedback of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of a patient’s voice/speech and therefore contributes to the enhancement of a patient’s self-perception and motivation.


The high motivational effect of computer-based exercises varying from easy to demanding allows a specific and goal-oriented treatment of a patient. For this reason, strenuous exercises based on limited self-perception of the patient can be made with less effort and more fun leading to highly positive effects on the therapy progress.
TheraVox is a very modern and handy program developed in cooperation with specialists.

TheraVox comes as a complete system with software, printed handbook and a tested USB microphone.

DWReview 1: In summary, TheraVox provides an enhanced visual biofeedback tool from what has previously been available on the market for working with children who have a variety of verbal communication deficits. The creators of this program have obviously gone to great extent to provide motivating animation and reinforcement for the child as well as ease of use for the therapist.
Dave Hammer, Speech-Language Pathologist, Children's Hospital Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA - read full article

Review 2: TheraVox is a multifunctional software for the therapy of different types of voice/speech disorders with a high motivational potential.
Bianca Henritzi, speech and voice therapist, Germany - read full article

Individual therapy approaches

lingWAVES TheraVoxAmbitious graphic design as well as simple handling are the essential features of lingWAVES TheraVox. TheraVox is a powerful clinical tool that takes advantage of sophisticated time-tested speech technology that guarantees high quality voice and speech therapy.

lingWAVES TheraVoxThe offered set of exercises is designed to suit younger as well as older patients.

TheraVox contains 6 groups of voice/speech exercises. Within each exercise and each group, respectively, a stepwise application of different difficulty levels allows an individually adapted treatment for each patient, ranging from simple loudness/sound exercises to complex exercises with different sounds, syllables and/or words:

For children and adults

The exercises are created in differing designs for children and adults. Across all scenes, children play with a dolphin. Alternatively, exercises with neutral graphics are given for adults to avoid the feeling of infantilisation.

Fields of application

The program is designed for application in voice, speech and language therapy including logopedic treatment of disabilities like dyslalia, voice disorders, dysarthria, stuttering, sigmatism/lisping phonological impairments and motor speech defecits (apraxia of speech) in patients with aphasia as well as for contrasting a substitution sound with a target speech sound, drilling for new sounds and Parkinson Treatment. It is also well suited for speech therapy rehabilitation of children and adults with hearing impairments. Available as lingWAVES version for SLP and home version for patient use.

System Requirements

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