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Downloads & Drivers

Downloads for:

lingWAVES Software

Version 3.2.7 - update - release date: 2018-01-10

NOTE: This version will only run on Windows 10 with recommended system requirements (see lingWAVES overview)- DO NOT install this version on older Windows operating systems like Windows Vista, 7 and older, not recommended hardware!
Note: Don't use any "free software web download" you may find while google for lingWAVES. Such downloads may be corrupt AND not reliable.

First check the version number of the software insalled on your computer. Compare this version number with the current software release. Where can I find the software version number?

Run the software and choose "Help > About" in the menu. You can see installed lingWAVES version number at the top of the info dialog window.

Make sure that you backup your client data before updating the software. Use "Options > Backup".

USB Cable Driver

Usually installed with lingWAVES global setup automatically. Use with special instruction from WEVOSYS support

Use this driver if you connect lingWAVES with lingWAVES Connector USB / lingWAVES SPL meter for recording.
Note: Use this USB driver only with lingWAVES version 2.5.42 or higher!

Version 6.7.2

USB Dongle Driver

Usually installed with lingWAVES global setup automatically. Use with special instruction from WEVOSYS support

Version 6.7

lingWAVES sample files

Here you will find some sample files made with lingWAVES. You can download the files, unzip to a new directory and import the files do lingWAVES. The sample files are only visible if you run lingWAVES during demo period or/and you have a purchased license for the program (USB dongel).

You can open a specific module help/insruction if you press F1 on the keyboard (PDF).

Sample files for:

To take a look at the sample files:

  1. Open lingWAVES.
  2. Click on the client manager icon in the icon bar to open the client manager.
  3. In the client manager click on "Import client from file" icon (top right).
  4. Select the new directory with the downloaded and unziped sample files.
  5. Select a sample file and click on "open".

Now you will see a new "client" on the client list with some sample records. Feel free do test the files.


lingWAVES 3.0.7 (latest version for Windows Vista)

Version 3.0.1, 2015-08

lingWAVES 2.6 (latest version for Windows XP)

Version 2.6.16, 2014-04

Phonetogram light (discontinued, Windows XP)

Version 2.3, 2012-02