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lingWAVES 4 High Speed Videoendoscopy App

lingWAVES 4 HSV App is made for easy keyboard/mouse or touch-based clinical workflow use. A step-by-step procedure offers maximum information retrieving at minimum expenditure of time.

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Client Management

Start with client selection or add a new client. Click on + to select an assessment module.

Choose high speed endoscopy module.

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Set and Start Record Session

lingWAVES 4 app will check all connected hardware for availability and functionality (camera, LED light source, foot switch). Choose your favorite resolution and frames per second. Display shows post trigger recording time/number of frames.

Click on red record button, camera starts real time streaming to workstation desktop memory. You can white balance and change illumination.

How To Video: High Speed Recording

Recording High Speed is an easy and fast activity. See the video how it works ...

Streaming technology enables the system to process and view a recording without any delay.

First application worldwide that offers a - real - one-cycle-display

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Segmentation and GAW Calculation

lingWAVES 4 HSV offers a high technology tool based on machine learning for glottal area segmentation and calculation. For best performance you can set a region of interest (ROI). How it works you can see below... .

After ROI setup you can start Glottal Area Waveform analysis. It takes some seconds and you will receive detailed quantitative date: basic parameter (Open/Closing Quotient, Speed Index, Rate Quotient, Asymmetry Quotient, Glottis Gap Index), mechanical measures (Amplitude Quotient, Stiffness), period and perturbation measures (Fundamental Frequency, Shimmer %, Jitter %)

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lingWAVES 4 symmetry takes a closure look at left and right vocal fold vibration and its symmetry. An extended glottal area waveform analysis for left-right vocal fold cycle draws a easy to read symmetry graph and calculates an Amplitude Symmetry and af Phase Symmetry Index with good/bad orientation.


How To Video: Glottal Area Segmentation/Analysis and Symmetry

See how reliable and fast it works. The segmentation of the glottal is based on latest machine learning algorithm.

Based on segmentation data lingWAVES 4 runs a Glottal Area Waveform and Symmetry Analysis delivering a new type of quantitative vocal fold cycle assessment.

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Real One Cycle Display

With high speed videoendoscopy you are now able to display a real one cycle display (taken from one cycle, stroboscopy takes successive ones, it's not one cycle) Snapshot the display, it will be part of the report.

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Pre-Post Comparision

Compare two sessions and take a side-by-side snapshot of the pre-post status. Snapshots are shown within the report.

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Report Function

Modern HTML5 report creator preview and print out on each printer or as PDF-file

See sample report...