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lingWAVES Vospector - Voice Quality Assessment

karo lingWAVES module overview

lingWAVES Vospector is the most reliable and tested clinical tool to measure hoarse/creaky and breathy voice parameters. It offers a close correlation to perceived roughness and breathiness.

Jitter and Shimmer DO NOT measure Hoarseness

Studies have shown that jitter, shimmer and other traditional acoustical parameters  are not specific to perceptual attributes of voice and less useful for clinical documentation.

See recent findings: M. Brockmann-Bauser, M.J. Drinnan, P.N. Carding : Are Jitter and Shimmer comparable to perceptual voice analysis in healty voice? . read full article ...

Therefore Vospector uses new methods to calculate specific parameters with a high correlation to perceptual attributes. This modern assessment is part of the module Vospector (for sustained vowels), Voice Diagnostic Center ( for extended voice range profile assessment with voice quality tracking) and Vocal Load Test (real time voice quality tracking during vocal load test).

Best Voice Quality Analysis within Seconds

lingWAVES VospectorlingWAVES is a highly-developed modular system. It fulfills a need for a high reliable and time saving clinical tool for speech and voice assessment.

The lingWAVES Vospector protocol showing a multi-parameter voice profile with fundamental frequency, jitter, shimmer and GNE measured on the current (left) and comparative recordings (middle). On the right the two recordings are compared in regards with irregularity, noise and overall severity of dysphonia. lingWAVES Vospector software

lingWAVES Vospector measures voice quality parameters within seconds. Just record  a sustained vowel, select a required part of the record, click to start analysis and within 2 seconds you will get an all inclusive voice analysis with reliable clinical parameters. Colored bar graphs show if the measured voice has pathological features; compare two recordings to see and document voice changes.

Instantaneous and Reliable Voice Analysis

lingWAVES Vospector measurements made on sustained vowels include minimum, maximum, average and standard deviation for fundamental frequency, jitter (period to period variation in the fundamental frequency), shimmer (period to period variation in the amplitude) and GNE (glottal to noise excitation ratio).

Acoustic Correlates of Perceptual Attributes of Voice according to the RBH/ORB Rating System

Separate measurements “add up” to yield further voice parameters like irregularity, noise and overall severity of dysphonia that can be regarded as objective counterparts to R (roughness), B (breathiness) and H (hoarseness) components of the RBH/ORB

Voice Range Profile Quality Analysis

lingWAVES Vospector technology is also integrated into the Voice Diagnostic Center module, measuring hoarse and breathy voice for all voice modes (high-low pitch and high-low loudness) during voice range profile measurement.

(Cape-V) rating system for the perceptual evaluation of dysphonia.

Everything at a Glance

All measurements and analyses are clearly arranged in a single window. The analysis readouts are displayed with reference to normative data measured on voice healthy subjects. Normal and pathological voice parameters can be distinguished by colour.

Vospector analyses are made instantaneously. Once the Vospector module is open, a user needs to record a vowel sustained at constant pitch for approximately 2-3 seconds and select with a mouse the steady state in the centre of the sample. The results are calculated post-processing within 2 seconds.

Monitoring and Cross-comparing Voice Changes

The lingWAVES Vospector module makes it possible to cross-compare measurements for objective evidence of change/improvement in vocal fold function. To make a cross-comparison, load a previously performed and saved Vospector analysis into the current one. This is how even subtle voice changes can be detected and displayed.

Saving and Printing Data

As is the case with all lingWAVES modules, all recordings and measurements can be saved in the Patient Manager. Separate measurements and cross-comparisons can be printed for filing. Additional information (patient name, institution etc.) will appear on printed reports.

Vospector voice analysis:

karo lingWAVES module overview