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lingWAVES Voice Protocol

Standard Voice Protocol

Revolutionary and Unique - a quick and easy 10 minute Standard voice assessment protocol - gives reliable and objective measures for voice assessment tasks used worldwide. A must - have for every clinic - whether you are a voice specialist or only see an occasional voice or Parkinsons client. Saves time in gathering and analysing data instantaneously and provides a clear instant printed report including progress tracking and outcomes.

lingWAVES Voice Protocol is an international acknowledged acoustic voice assessment procedure based on standard protocols

Walks you through 4 assessment screens and then provides a supplementary screen (Realtime Pitch and SPL Loudness) for your own assessment tasks and client biofeedback and performance measures for treatment tasks.

  1. Step: s/z ratio, MPT (Maximum Phonation Time)
  2. Step: F0 / pitch, loudness, glide, voice quality, jitter, shimmer, irregularity, noise (GNE) Step: DSI (Dysphonia Severity Index)
  3. Step: Spoken Text Analysis - Pitch and SPL range in running speech
  4. Addition: optional screen for your own preferred assessment tasks and client biofeedback and performance measures for treatment sessions

Clear, Standardized and Comparable

See how it works. A lingWAVES Voice Protocol video made by a SLP from Australia.

Voice assessment data is clearly displayed and most results are compared with norm data. A graphical and numerical display allows easy interpretation of the results at first glance.

Track progress and outcomes - Make several pre-post voice assessments during your treatment. lingWAVES Voice Protocol shows results of all client sessions on a time line.

Use real time pitch and loudness display for biofeedback, e.g. if you treat Parkinson patients.

It doesn’t matter what recording hardware and sound card you have - lingWAVES Voice Protocol comes with a certified SPL meter / microphone and a plug-and-play lingWAVES Connector USB, with its own sound card. You can compare results from different computers - calibration is not necessary. All you need is a recent recommended Windows 10 computer.

lingWAVES Voice Protocol is part of lingWAVES SLP Suite Pro VPR and lingWAVES Voice Clinic Suite Pro.

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