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Voice Handicap Index-12 / Voice Disorder Index

karo lingWAVES module overview

The Voice Disorder Index (VDI) or Stimmstörungsindex (SSI) has been established in Europe as a reliable tool for describing voice-dependent quality of life. The sole purpose of the VDI is to provide some preliminary information regarding the severity of voice problem as it relates to the most common activities in daily life.

Nawka developed a score by using 12 questions, called in German "Stimmstörungsindex [SSI]" or English "Voice Disorder Index [VDI]").

Comparability and Conversion of Stimmstörungsindex (SSI) and Voice Handicap Index (VHI)

lingWAVES VHI-12

Input form to transfer the patients data from the print out form to the database.

lingWAVES VHI-12

Classification view of 4 VDI results for one patient: The view shows the VDI scores over the time above and the F (functional), P (physical) and E (emotional) components at the bottom.

The Voice Handicap Index (VHI) has been established internationally as a reliable tool for describing voice-dependent quality of life. Nawka developed a new score by using 12 questions out of the VHI, called SSI (Stimmstörungsindex). The SSI has proven its role in daily clinical routine, main problem remains a lack of comparability of the SSI (range: 0 - 48) to the internationally established VHI (Voice Handicap Index) (range: 0 - 120). Aim of our study was to demonstrate that by a simple multiplication of SSI scores a statistically significant correlation with scores of the VHI can be achieved. Methods: 210 consecutive patients of the ENT University Hospital Graz were evaluated by the German version of VHI. We calculated total score of VHI as well as the score of the SSI. By multiplication of the SSI scores by 2.5 we calculated a new score, called „VHI-korr”. This score was compared with the VHI. Results: We can demonstrate that by simple multiplication of the SSI scores by 2.5 a statistically significant correlation to the VHI can be achieved (r = 0.98; p < 0.01). Conclusion:

"The SSI- based „VHI-korr” provides good international comparability of voice disorders with VHI and allows to maintain the common use of SSI in daily clinical routine."

M.  Gugatschka, J.  Rechenmacher, J.  Chibidziura, G.  Friedrich, HNO-Universitätsklinik Graz, Klinische Abteilung für Phoniatrie, Medizinische Universität Graz (Vorstand: G. Friedrich), Laryngo-Rhino-Otol 2007; 86: 785-788, DOI: 10.1055/s-2007-966686


Comparability and Conversion of Stimmstörungsindex (SSI) and Voice Handicap Index (VHI),  Friedrich et al., 2007, more ...

Reduced quality of life after thoracic surgery for unilateral vocal cord paralysis, Bigenzahn, Schneider, et al., 2006, more ...

lingWAVES Voice Disorder Index module

lingWAVES offers a free usable VDI module with 12-item. The module includes a print out function for a patient related form, an editor to transfer the patient data to a patient related database and a classification view of the results.

Free Voice Recorder and VHI-12 Form

lingWAVES Voice Recorder and VHI-12 form are free usable modules within lingWAVES global software setup. You can download lingWAVES global software, install the software and use it with your own recording hardware. While using the free voice recorder and VHI-12 form modules, you can also take a look at other available modules for speech and voice assessment within lingWAVES. Please note that some modules need special recording hardware (included in lingWAVES SLP and Voice Clinic Suites).

There is a module specific help function included. After setup and application start, press F1 key to show a PDF help file (you need Acrobat Reader) for lingWAVES basis instructions. Open the client manager and press F1 key for client manager instruction. Same procedure for all other modules.

Note: It is on your own risk if you use the free available lingWAVES software application. There is no customer service beside the information you can find at our WEVOSYS support pages. You have to use your own recording hardware that may result in poor measurement results, depending on the quality of your used hardware.

Licensed professional lingWAVES SLP and Voice Clinic Suites comes with tested and certified recording hardware together with a professional service and support - and many more assessment modules. If you are interested, please contact us.

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