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Clinical Simulation of Working Day Vocal Load

A normal healthy voice can be used for 6 - 8 hours without any vocal load problems. If voice problems occur during this time period it is assumed that a voice disorder exists.

Under clinical conditions it is not possible to investigate a patient's voice over several hours. Therefore voice clinicians use a vocal load test that simulates a vocal load in a shorter time.

New and unique Assessment of Vocal Load and Voice Quality

lingWAVES vocal load test
Vocal load test - vowel mode - with voice quality scan (below).

lingWAVES vocal load test results
Report of a vocal load test with sound level, voiced/voiceless, pitch, irregularity and noise trend and pre-post analysis.

The new lingWAVES vocal load test controls vocal load and endurance of the speaking voice. This test gives important and reliable information about voice constitution. As well as measuring traditional parameters like sound pressure level and pitch (fundamental frequency),  it also measures audible changes in voice quality (roughness - irregularity and breathiness - GND-noise of the vocal fold activity).

In a work day's vocal activity you can hear a vocal overload by audible increase of roughness and/or breathiness - the vocal fold movement becomes irregular and the vocal fold closure is more and more incomplete. Such vocal signs are measured and analysed with the new lingWAVES vocal load test in realtime. Roughness and breathiness are audible especially when using changing vocal load levels during the test.

A new procedure (vowel mode) was developed to obtain reliable vocal load data:

  1. An ongoing alternate phonation of [a:] and [e:] during the whole test to perform a high vocal load(Hacki et al.).
  2. Alternation of the minimum sound level 70 and 75 dB during a time period of 15 minutes.
  3. Standardized test set-up with certified sound level meter-microphone (UEP norm for voice range profile measurement, no calibration needed).

The lingWAVES vocal load test can be setup to different parameters and modes (text / vowal) to meet most of customers needs (e.g. text reading mode, in this case without voice quality assessment).

Clearly arranged report

lingWAVES sound level meterlingWAVES VDC recording

Standardized test setup with a certified sound level meter.

All results of the lingWAVES vocal load test are presented in a clearly arranged and understandable on-screen display and printed report. All voice parameters come with a pre-post and trend analysis for an easy and quick voice specialist evaluation of voice changes.
The use of our lingWAVES recording hardware with a certified sound level meter-microphone offers highly reliable and comparable results including comparisons between different computers.

lingWAVES Sets with Vocal Load Test

The lingWAVES vocal laod test comes with the following sets:

lingWAVES Voice Clinic Suite Pro

lingWAVES Voice Diagnostic Center

karo lingWAVES module overview