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Visual and Acoustic Assessment/Analysis

A new lingWAVES module for combined visual and acoustic analysis of video recordings is available with version 3.0.4. The new module enables users to record or import videos in different formats (also from iPad). Additional short and long term voice analysis can be added to any video recording, e.g. a spectrogram or a fundamental frequency (pitch) display.

In conjunction with ENT/otolaryngology endoscopic or stroboscopic applications additional objective acoustic evaluations are possible e.g. for pre-post evaluation of voice disorders.

The lingWAVES video module offers also a new way for speech/voice session examination. The video shows the visual speech/voice behavior of a client and the acoustic analysis adds objective data for a session. Behavior and acoustic can be analyses in detail using comfortable playback functions.

Video recordings are possible with any inbuilt or external video cam available in a Windows operating system. Edit functions are available for new video recordings (cut/copy/paste). Analysis is possible for one or more videos at the same time (pre-post).

lingWAVES Sets with Video

lingWAVES Video can be purchased as a single module with voice recoding and VDI / VHI-12 module and is included within the lingWAVES Voice Clinic Suite Pro (free update for customers still using lingWAVES Voice Clinic Suite Pro)

lingWAVES Video can be upgraded with any other lingWAVES system and installation of lingWAVES version 2.6. or higher.

karo lingWAVES module overview