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lingWAVES SLP Suite Pro VPR

lingWAVES SLP Suite Pro VPR is ecspecially designed for Speech and Language Pathology users and offers a wide range of acoustic assessment tools, starting from normal voice recording up to high level voice analysis, documentatiion and biofeedback. It is also a very smart mobile solution for use with outpatients.

Central part of this suite is the Voice Protocol (VPR) developed with and for Speech and Language Pathology professionals based on international standard. A step-by-step procedure provides reliable and comprehensive voice data and analyis within minutes. Supplementary modules make this suite perfect for daily SLP use. 

A smart mobile solution for Speech and Language Pathology assessment with standardized recording hardware.

The application, using a client management database for pre-post tracking, is combined with included normed, tested and standardized USB recording hardware, recommended by international organizations like NCVS or UEP.


The following modules are included within lingWAVES SLP Suite Pro VPR (see also product gallery):

  • Voice Recording - Record edit and compare clients voice/speech recordings.
  • Voice Protocol - A easy guided 4+ steps assessment procedure to get comprehensive data of clients voice status with pro-post tracking, see details ...
  • Voice Analysis - Spectrogram, pitch/fundamental frequency, jitter, shimmer, LPC, AMDF, cepstrum, FFT, autocorrelation.
  • Real Time Analysis - Time Signal, spectrogram, pitch/F0 and energy displayed in real time for multi biofeedback
  • Vospector - Quick and reliable measurement of the degree of roughness (irrgeularity) and breathiness (GNE-noise) with pro-post comparision.
  • Motor Speech Disorder Assessment (MSDA) - Automatic calculation of the Diadochokinetic Rate (DDK) based on patients recording with articulation placement analysis and tracking.
  • TheraVox - Extensive and universal usable voice and speech biofeedback system, see details ...
  • Voice Handicap Index (VHI-12) - Tool for describing voice-dependent quality of life.

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You may upgrade lingWAVES SLP Suite Pro VPR to lingWAVES Voice Clinic Suite Pro or with lingWAVES Nasality and/or lingWAVES Electroglottography - using one application/client management.

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