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karo lingWAVES suites overview

lingWAVES Voice Clinic SuitelingWAVES Voice Clinic Suite offers powerful basic and extended components for speech and language assessment and biofeedback. The set includes a high quality voice recorder with extended voice analysis, a comfortable patient/client database,  an professional and up-to-date biofeedback system for voice and speech, a new motor speech disorder and the latest generation of voice quality assessment.

The suite also includes a standardized voice range profile module for speaking and singing voice. Records are made with standardized hardware, included in the suite.

Voice Recorder

SLP/SLT/Voice Clinic service relies on documenting information on therapy progress. An excellent way of documenting and archiving patient data is to record part or all of the examination/ therapy session. The main advantage of recording is that it affords the opportunity to diagnose the voice trouble more precisely, to compare the voice quality of the patient at the beginning, during and at the end of the therapy session and to review the evaluation later. lingWAVES Voice Recorder deals with this task in a modern and simple way.

The voice recorder also includes cut, copy, paste and delete functions for recordings. 

Client/Patient Manager

lingWAVES Client ManagerlingWAVES offers two modes of operation for carrying out lingWAVES sessions. You can either work file oriented which would mean that you open analysis files on the menu and save them under an appropriate name of your choice, or you can work client oriented out of the client manager. The difference is that you have to create a client/patient in the client manager before you can carry out test activities connected to this patient. The files will be automatically saved. You do not have to take care of data management. The program will do it for you.

Standard Voice Analysis

lingWAVES standard signal analysisThis set includes standard acoustical voice analysis like spectrogram, energy and pitch (fundamental frequency). It is easy manageable to add voice analysis to each recorded voice signal. The whole analysis will automatically be saved in a project file. This means that you can reopen the voice record with the same analysis you have done before.

Print out the whole analysis and/or save the analysis as bitmap for further documentation (e.g. in word processing programs).

Extended Voice Analysis

lingWAVES Extended Voice AnalysisFor more scientific purpose this suite comes with extended voice analysis features: spectrography with formant tracking/energy/F0, jitter, shimmer for long term analysis and LPC, AMDF, Cepstrum and Autocorrelation for short term analysis.

You can add multiple voice analysis windows to a signal (e.g. Spectrography, F0, jitter, ...)

Voice Handicap Index - 12 / Voice Disorder Index

The Voice Handicap Index - 12 / Voice Disorder Index (VDI) or Stimm­störungs­index (SSI) has been established as a reliable tool for describing voice-dependent quality of life. The sole purpose of the VDI is to provide some preliminary information regarding the severity of voice problem as it relates to the most common activities in daily life. The VDI/SSI- based „VHI-korr” provides good international comparability of voice disorders with VHI and allows to maintain the common use of SSI in daily clinical routine. Voice Disorder Index/Voice Handicap Index correlation r=0.98.

lingWAVES Vospector
Instantaneous and Reliable Voice Analysis - Acoustic Correlates of Perceptual Attributes of Voice according to the RBH/ORB Rating System

lingWAVES Vospector provides a set of clinically useable quantitative acoustic analyses that reflect important aspects of voice. lingWAVES Vospector calculates additional parameters of vocal fold behavior. lingWAVES Vospector standard measurements made on sustained vowels include minimum, maximum, average and standard deviation for fundamental frequency, jitter (period to period variation in the fundamental frequency), shimmer (period to period variation in the amplitude) and GNE (glottal to noise excitation ratio).

Separate measurements add up to yield further voice parameters like irregularity, noise and overall severity of dysphonia that can be regarded as objective counterparts to R (roughness), B (breathiness) and H (hoarseness) components of the RBH/ORB (Cape-V) rating system for the perceptual evaluation of dysphonia.

lingWAVES Theravox - Voice and Speech visual biofeedback

TheraVox is a wonderful computer speech therapy tool made with affection and care. It is a product consisting of a series of exercises for logopedic / speech therapy in which voice and speech elements like voicing / voice onset, loudness, articulation / coarticulation and prosody are transformed into real time graphics. The patient gets a visual feedback for qualitative and quantitative attributes of his voice, which is of crucial importance for enhancing self-monitoring skills within the context of speech therapy. Read more ...

Real Time Spectrogram

The Real Time Spectrogram provides a dual-screen with time signal display and spectrogram analysis during signal recording. Spectrogram parameters such as wide to narrow-band, color, frequency range and display parameters such as dual or one-screen may be adjusted. In the one-screen mode you can show a full size spectrogram with a time axis adjustable from 5 to x hundred seconds. The recording can partly or full saved as sound file for further analysis. The Real Time Spectrogram session can be saved as project file, showing the same display after reloading.

This real time display is ideal for therapy and clinical biofeedback showing all kinds of sounds and other acoustical parameters of voice and speech. Spectral analysis is especially recommended for use improving accuracy of voice and speech elements in clients with hearing impairments and is ideal for ambitious therapists.

Multi Real Time Display

lingWAVES Multi Real TimeMulti Real Time is an extended Real Time Spectrogram showing additionally fundamental frequency/pitch and energy during signal recording. Multi Real Time shows acoustic parameters such as time signal, spectrogram, pitch and energy during voice and speech production without time delay in real time. In many cases this tool is used to compare vocalization and pronunciation between speech therapist (target) and patient (trial) with the benefit of both graphically and auditory feedback.

Motor Speech Disorder Assessment

Motor Speech Disorder Assessment (MSDA) is a new technology tool to analyze and show voice and speech parameters describing motor speech disorders. The new technology allows to analyze recorded speech within seconds. The result is a understandable report of numerical parameters at a glance like Diadochokinetic Rate and parameters for each syllable/articulation (front, middle, back).

Standard Voice Range Profile

lingWAVES Phonetogram PlusThe lingWAVES Phonetogram Plus offers a standardized and approved phonetography procedure (voice range profile measurement) as it is commonly imparted in educational establishments for speech therapists, ENT specialists and phoniatricians. The set employs newest scientific techniques to reliably register the fundamental frequency range (for pitch) and the range of the sound pressure level (for intensity) of a singing, speaking and shouting voice. Special recording technique allows for high precision, variable measurement and display of intensity and pitch in real time. lingWAVES Phonetogram Plus follows the UEP norm (Union of European Phoniatrics) and is certified as EU Medical Product Class 1.

Recording with standardized Data Sound Level Meter

Due to technical limitations, a real and precise measurement of sound pressure level (SPL) is not possible with common soundcards or soundcard calibrated systems. They all provide only a relative SPL (dBr) hardly usable for standardization and comparison measurments (e.g. required for UEP norm) in the clinical area.

SPLSPL recordinglingWAVES Voice Clinic Suites use a real SPL sound level meter-microphone with a lingWAVES Connector USB. The recording hardware provides SPL data from 40 - 130 dB, resolution 0.1 dB and an accuracy of +/- 1.5 dB. All measurements are made in dBA. The recording hardware needs NO calibration on a computer. Results are not only comparable on one computer, but also with any other computer using lingWAVES REAL SPL technology.

lingWAVES Connector USB includes a Hi-Fi plug & play sound card for clear voice signal recordings. There is no need to use e.g. poor quality notebook sound cards.

lingWAVES Connector USB lingWAVES REAL SPL technology

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karo lingWAVES suites overview