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lingWAVES recorderHigh or studio voice recording

lingWAVES recorder
Compare or edit two voice recordings

Record, Manage and Compare

An excellent way of documenting and archiving patient data is to record part or all of the examination/ therapy session. The main advantage of recording is that it affords the opportunity to diagnose the voice trouble more precisely, to compare the voice quality of the patient at the beginning, during and at the end of the therapy session and to review the evaluation later. lingWAVES Voice Recorder deals with this task in a modern and simple way.

The voice recorder also includes cut, copy, paste and delete functions for recordings. Open two or more recordings to see and hear the difference between two or more sessions.

Free Voice Recorder and VHI-12 Form

lingWAVES Voice Recorder and VHI-12 form are free usable modules within lingWAVES global software setup. You can download lingWAVES global software, install the software and use it with your own recording hardware. While using the free voice recorder and VHI-12 form modules, you can also take a look at other available modules for speech and voice assessment within lingWAVES. Please note that some modules need special recording hardware (included in lingWAVES SLP and Voice Clinic Suites).

There is a module specific help function included. After setup and application start, press F1 key to show a PDF help file (you need Acrobat Reader) for lingWAVES basis instructions. Open the client manager and press F1 key for client manager instruction. Same procedure for all other modules.

Note: It is on your own risk if you use the free available lingWAVES software application. There is no customer service beside the information you can find at our WEVOSYS support pages. You have to use your own recording hardware that may result in poor measurement results, depending on the quality of your used hardware.

Licensed professional lingWAVES SLP and Voice Clinic Suites comes with tested and certified recording hardware together with a professional service and support - and many more assessment modules. If you are interested, please contact us.

karo lingWAVES module overview