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lingWAVES Phonetogram Plus (voice range profile)

karo lingWAVES module overview

The lingWAVES Phonetogram Plus offers a standardized and approved phonetography procedure (voice range profile measurement) as it is commonly imparted in educational establishments for speech therapists, otolaryngologists and phoniatricians. The set employs newest scientific techniques to reliably register the fundamental frequency range (for pitch) and the range of the sound pressure level (for intensity) of a singing, speaking and shouting voice. Special recording technique allows for high precision, variable measurement and display of intensity and pitch in real time. The lingWAVES Phonetogram Plus software helps considerably to reduce time needed to produce a phonetogram. An automated phonetogram registration can be accomplished in 5-10 minutes.

Want to know how to make a phonetogram registration with lingWAVES Phonetogram Plus? A mouse click brings up the Phonetogram Plus module window. The program contains an option to hide or show norm phonetograms:

lingWAVES Phonetogram Plus

The lingWAVES Phonetogram Plus (standard voice range profile)template with an overlayed norm phonetogram (male).

A phonetogram (voice range profile) registration starts with measuring the singing voice profile. The examinee can sing sustained tones freely (all possible combinations of fundamental frequency and intensity). Alternatively, the examinee can be requested to match tones produced by the examiner on a keyboard. The measured values for pitch and intensity appear as clustered points in a cluster view mode. It is helpful to allow the examinee to monitor the emergence of the singing voice profile on the computer screen:

lingWAVES Phonetogram Plus

A completed phonetogram / voice range profile displayed in a cluster view mode. Connection of the low and high intensity boundaries (piano and forte contours) of the voice range profile yield an enclosed area in a polygon view mode.

While the phonetogram covers the entire frequency range, the speaking voice uses only a part of the range. The speaking voice profile is usually measured by counting in normal, soft and tense/loud voice mode. A phonetogram registration is completed on measuring the range of the shouting voice mode:

lingWAVES Phonetogram Plus

A completed phonetogram / voice range profile displayed in a polygon view mode. The speaking range profile for normal, soft and loud voice modes is located in the lower to the middle third of the singing voice profile. The shouting voice profile is expected to be found at the top of the singing voice profile.

To show and document changes in the voice range, it is important to compare different phonetograms of the same examinee. On a mouse click a previously made voice range profile can be imported into the current one.

lingWAVES Phonetogram Plus

Two phonetograms of a client in a pre-post display and compared to normative data in the background.

Measurements made with High-Quality Hardware

lingWAVES VDC recordingDue to technical limitations, precise phonetography is not possible with common soundcards and microphones. lingWAVES Voice Diagnostic Center requires a standardized sound level meter (SPL), a device for frequency-weighted sound pressure level measurements displayed in dB(A). An SPL meter is a high-quality microphone, which can be easily connected to a PC through a free USB port and is automatically configured by the software.

lingWAVES Phonetogram Plus Set

WEVOSYS offers a voice range profile set for standard voice analysis. It consist of lingWAVES Basis, Phonetogram Plus, Recorder and a module for spectrography.

See: Voice Range Profile / Phonetogram Sets

A professional set for a combined measurement of voice range profile and voice quality - see lingWAVES Voice Diagnostic Center.


karo lingWAVES module overview