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lingWAVES is a highly-developed modular system. It fulfills a need for a high reliable and time saving clinical tool for speech and voice assessment.

lingWAVES is a high-quality software for a variable analysis of the human voice and speech. lingWAVES consists of one basic interface (the window occurring when the program is started), which is the frame of the application: representing the working platform for analysis and processing modules (plug-ins), it is also used for data administration. It is comparable to the system of a bookshelf: the shelf (like a platform) carries the books (like modules). The selection and number of books/ modules can vary, whereas the system as a whole remains the same.

The lingWAVES software concept is oriented on common Windows standards. It has been optimized to provide a fast and optimal dialog control between user and program. Functions can be started from the menu bar, by mouse click or by using the keyboard. Frequently used parameter dialogs have been optimized for easy direct access.

The central platform of the lingWAVES program for speech signal analysis is the basic program (or “Basis”). Basis represents the (also visual) frame of the lingWAVES lingWAVES backupprogram. When lingWAVES Basis is started, the basic program interface appears on the screen and allows quick to run an analysis, diagnostics, recording, biofeedback session ... .

lingWAVES Basis allows also to setup audio input and other recording devices such as SPL meter or EGG, backup client database, setup directories ... .

All lingWAVES sets includes a powerful and patient/client based voice recorder and the latest voice disorder index / VHI-12 module.

karo lingWAVES module overview