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ORB - Learning and Practice (GRBAS)

karo apps overview

Perceptual voice assessment training - learn and practice a correct voice ORB (overall severity, roughness, breathiness) assessment as part of GRBAS. This app offers sound samples of different types of voice disorders and different ORB degrees. All samples are rated by experts. Learn how experts rate ORB and practice self - become a real expert.
The app offers ORB analog and RBH ordinal (Europe) scale

  • For Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, iOS 6 and higher
  • Free on iTunes AppStore
    In-App extension available.

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Learn perceptual voice assessment with a large database of voice disorders using analoge scale 0 - 100 (GRBAS) ...

or with the European RBH scale (0,1,2,3) ...

afterwards test your new assessment knowledge with diffferent voice samples ...

and see your assessment results!

karo apps overview