Organic Voice Disorders Main Classification

Acute inflammation

Chronic inflammation of the larynx

Lesions of the lamina propria

Malformations of the larynx
(dysplastic dysphonias)

Tumors of the vocal fold

Voice disorders after laryngeal surgery

Paralysis of the recurrent laryngeal nerve

Welcome to the Reference of Organic Voice Disorders (ROVD)

ROVD is an online database of organic voice disorders with video stroboscopic images of the larynx, audio recordings of speaking voice and clinical evaluation of findings. Most cases are shown as pre- and postoperative assessment.


ROVD supports speech pathology and otolaryngology education with many clinical cases subdivided in organic voice disorder classes. ROVD may also be used to support organic voice disorder treatment showing patients comparable examples of organic voice disorders. ROVD does not offer medical advice.  Any content accessed through ROVD is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to cover all possible uses, directions, precautions or adverse effects.

ROVD content and media are provided by Prof. Dr. med. Tadeus Nawka (Charité Berlin, Germany) and Dr. Dagmar Kayser.

ROVD is powerd by WEVOSYS, a well acknowledge international company developing clinical system for digital voice and speech assessement (lingWAVES).

ROVD is free available but also copyright protected online database. If you like to link or use elemets of ROVD, please contact us for permission.

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