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Organic Voice Disorders

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Reference of Organic Voice Disorders

Reference of Organic Voice DisordersNew: Free online version available (ROVD)!

Database of organic voice disorders on DVD with video stroboscopic images of the larynx, audio recordings of speaking voice and clinical evaluation of findings

NawkaReference of Organic Disorders“The findings of the larynx pertain to the diagnosis of abnormalities which contribute to voice disorders. They describe the nature of the voice generating organ. In video stroboscopic-recording of the moving vocal folds normal and pathological findings of the larynx can be at some phases of motion better visualized due to soft tissue displacement of the epithelial layer and the Reinke’s space than if viewed under continuous illumination. The DVD presents these organic findings and shows therapy progress. New clinical cases will be constantly added to the present collection.“
Tadeus Nawka, M.D., Ph.D., Charité Berlin, Department of Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology.

The DVD includes (at the moment) 54 cases with pre, post or pre/post operative date. The cases are divided into the following groups:

Cases are described by:

Reference of Organic Voice Disorders

Screenshot: Comparison pre-post-operative

Reference of Organic Voice Disorders

Screenshot: Acoustic analysis

System Requirements

Windows Operating System XP, Vista, 7, min. Dual Core, min. 2 MB RAM, 2,5 GB hard disk space (if running from hard disc), sound card, PC loudspeakers, DVD-ROM drive

Order information

Nawka, Tadeus / Kayser, Dagmar:
Reference of Organic Disorders (WEVOS) ISBN 3-937547-67-3; 249,- Euro; DVD; software, database, videos, voice recordings Win XP, Vista, 7, 249,- EUR[D]